• Apple Music To Redevelop Their Music Platform

    Apple are due to make an announcement on their famous iTunes software on 13th June as The Daily Mail report. The software powerhouse is expected to start a major overhaul sure to renovate their current music domain. Despite the anticipation of a newer, faster and easier-to-use iTunes programme there has also been speculation that the

  • The Best Albums Of 2016- So Far!

    2016 has been a great year for music so far with successful artists going one better with career-best albums. What compilations have been your favourite for this year so far? David Bowie- Blackstar When he released his new album in January it was instantaneously recognised as a big hit. Always known for a rebellious side

  • The Best Way To Stream Music On-The-Go

    What originally seemed a poignant transition in the music industry has become a blessing for artists and consumers. Disarray sounded from many when illegal downloads were trending but more recently the emergence of online streaming seems to be the latest avenue. It’s nothing new, Spotify was established in 2006 with the vision of making all

  • How To Save Money On Your Music With Amazon

    Find those hard to find records at Amazon without having to pay extortionate prices. You’ll be overwhelmed with the selection of albums available via Amazon Promo Codes. Saving money continues to become an easier process for consumers and it’s all down to the power of the Internet. As you search for your favourite artist, you