The Best Way To Stream Music On-The-Go

By Mark Harris

What originally seemed a poignant transition in the music industry has become a blessing for artists and consumers. Disarray sounded from many when illegal downloads were trending but more recently the emergence of online streaming seems to be the latest avenue.

It’s nothing new, Spotify was established in 2006 with the vision of making all songs accessible to the public. But it’s only recently that the new world of streaming has really been recognised for the value it has. Many people enjoy music on the move with their headphones or even portable speakers, what systems are the best to use whilst travelling around?

If you have 3G, 4G or a Wireless connection of some kind then indulge in some of the latest streaming technology.


Formed in 2006 this software is still going strong a whole decade later, what might be worrying for this brand is that the force of Apple are now dipping their toes into the realm of streamed music. Spotify were the original idea known by many for introducing streamed music for free, the free version would play out advertisements and also limit your time on the program. An outstanding 75 million consumers use this service and for good reason as they continue to be the streaming platform to beat. You can pay a monthly fee of £9.99 for all-access.


YouTube is the go-to domain for all videos and even music. Sometimes you’ll find many infringements and copyright issues which makes specific songs hard to get hold of. As great as this service is, it doesn’t always work brilliantly to solely play music from when on the move. Their app doesn’t allow multi-tasking and it can be hard to buffer a video. As it’s not necessarily designed for just music, it also wastes your battery because of this.

Apple Music

Apple are gunning for the music stream leaders, with their latest release being Apple Music. This concept is very similar to Spotify and will surely be something they’ll be concerned about. Apple Music are currently offering three months free and after that a monthly payment of £10.99. They have exclusivity and every song you can imagine, making it easy to listen to your favourite songs on the go. So far it has been said that their software has faced teething problems with slight technological problems but an announcement on their iTunes platform and Apple Music is set for June 13th.


The prestigious retailer jumped on the streaming idea some time ago with their version known as Amazon Prime. They offer music, movies and more with their technology. Amazon have become a marketplace for almost anything and also hold a valuable stake in the music field too, you can get hold of Amazon voucher codes that could save you money. Regardless of whether you want the CD or download it is well worth finding out how much you could save with online deals the continuously offer their customers.


A great way to access music for free, their app is brilliant and allows you to use your phone whilst listening. This domain was set-up for unsigned artists to showcase their talent but has since become much more than that. You have the chance of catching some of the underground DJ’s or bands yet to be discovered whilst also listening to your favourite songs.

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