The Best Albums Of 2016- So Far!

By Mark Harris

2016 has been a great year for music so far with successful artists going one better with career-best albums. What compilations have been your favourite for this year so far?

David Bowie- Blackstar

When he released his new album in January it was instantaneously recognised as a big hit. Always known for a rebellious side that never revealed too much during interviews or media obligations- in-fact he rarely obeyed to these demands. Many of his lyrics unravelled the legend’s side of his story whilst still maintaining that air of mysteriousness he’s always had. Coming back with such an album, all this time later went down a storm but sadly his album was made more significant this year due to sad events that followed. David Bowie passed away just two days after his album release, making this album even more of an important listen.

James Blake- The Colour In Anything

James Blake is an artist to get excited about as his unique voice gets your attention. He’s sure to get you listening to his lyrics as his amazing voice has character in itself. ‘The Colour In Anything’ is no different to his usual work he again portrays emotion with his talented vocals and complimentary electronics that always accompany his original production. This album was released on May 6th and has already had plaudits for the great work involved in the making of this album.

Beyonce- Lemonade

Beyonce caused a stir with many of her lyrics seemingly referring to an affair that her husband, Jay-Z had. Speculation continues to circulate with no-real insight or answer from the pair that are still together today. In fact, Jay-Z actually played an important role in the making of this album.

Skepta- Konnichiwa

The UK’s grime star had to get a mention as he continues to make exponential growth in the States. It’s rare that a grime star from London manages to gain such popularity in the US but Skepta has even caught Drake’s attention. Dizzee Rascal had a stint in America, so did Chipmunk but so often grime stars fail or in the aforementioned artists’ case they change their genre. Skepta seems to have stayed true to his genre with a grime-feel to his new album and it looks as though he will continue to enjoy his reign as the England grime star enjoying fame the other side of the pond.
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