Apple Music To Redevelop Their Music Platform

By Mark Harris

Apple are due to make an announcement on their famous iTunes software on 13th June as The Daily Mail report. The software powerhouse is expected to start a major overhaul sure to renovate their current music domain.

Despite the anticipation of a newer, faster and easier-to-use iTunes programme there has also been speculation that the idea could be scrapped completely. Before many jump to the conclusion that Apple has failed on this front, remember which firm we are discussing.

The Mobile Phone, Tablet and Laptop leaders have introduced their recent Apple Music with a twist. Customers can now stream music from wherever they wish providing the listener has access to the internet

The End Of iTunes?

Before rumours get out of hand, it’s important to recognise that no official announcement regarding the retirement of this software has been made. What’s expected at this point is a significant upgrade sure to develop iTunes. Customers have already seen the introduction of Apple Music and how it is incorporated into iTunes, so that’s an improvement thus far. Previously this software has undergone criticism by users with complaints of the speed, the difficulty to use it and also its poor interface. Potentially there could be huge changes revealed on June 13th with a new interface, a lot of artwork, easier to use music and much more.

What Is Apple Music?

Released at the end of last year, it was only a matter of time before more focus was given to this concept. You can now subscribe to three free months of Apple Music. It’s always fairly obvious when industry giants get involved in a new venture, many music lovers may have noticed they can’t find the latest tracks on YouTube and can’t even purchase them on iTunes. Well, that could be to do with the exclusivity that Apple Music now holds, you can stream music using the Internet with new albums being easily accessible. As well as new releases, you can also get some classics too; it is a library of pretty much every song you could think of. You can stream on the go, as you no longer need to worry about buying each song or album separately. After your trial has ran out it will cost £10.99 a month and that’s when consumers can probably expect a lot of changes on how Apple currently run their music content. With this in mind many loyal customers will be eagerly awaiting the news in just days.

Is There Still A Place For CD’s?

Of course, many consumers refuse to give into the rapid development of the music industry. Many want the official CD with the artwork and everything else it signifies. With that said, each and every retailer looking to stay relevant is doing what they can to keep up. If you are looking for the latest CD’s then maybe Amazon offers will cater for you but despite the sale of numerous CD’s, they also offer many of their music and films via download. Apple isn’t the only way forward with many promo codes available for music lovers for both CD’s, downloads and other entertainment.


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